Who We Are

Tabor Mennonite Church is a community of Christian believers who have worshiped together in this area since the early 1900s. As a community of God’s people we are deeply rooted in God’s Son, Jesus Christ, whom we believe has come to heal our broken fellowship with God and to teach us how to heal our broken relationships with one another.

As Mennonites we cherish our Anabaptist tradition. This tradition which emerged in the early 1500s in The Netherlands has emphasized the importance of Christ as the pattern for our daily lives. Consequently it is our intent to reflect the love of Christ in all our activities and relationships with one another.

Historically, many of us have roots that go back to Prussia and Russia. We emigrated from Russia in 1874 to escape religious persecution and pursue religious freedom. As aliens in a foreign land we know what it feels like to be “the stranger” and for those of you who feel like a “stranger” in this community we would like to offer a “home” among us.

The church of Jesus Christ is God’s wondrous and generous gift to all of us. It is a great blessing to be a part of a vibrant and faithful church that extends hospitality, healing and hope in the name of Christ to all God’s people. We here at Tabor strive to serve Christ, caring for each other and the world, so that the body of Christ might be built up. You are welcome to join us and we would be delighted to have you become part of our church family.

Tabor Mennonite Church is a part of Mennonite Church USA. Learn more about our call to live in community, love, and peace through Jesus.